The bronze package is simple, and stress free. It includes:

Two selections of wine

Two selections of beer

Toasting champagne



We recommend:

How much should I buy?

It can be hard to determine how much product to buy, but don't worry! We are here to help!


Consider the type of drinkers in your party...

  • Age
  • Types of liquor
  • Time of day
  • Etc.

Will determine how much people will drink. A younger crowd will probably be doing some shots, versus an older crowd might prefer just sipping whiskey. 


For reference: 

  • Light drinkers: one drink per hour
  • Average drinkers: two drinks per hour
  • Heavy drinkers: Three or more drinks per hour


Drinks per bottle:

  • Wine:  4 glasses per bottle
  • Beer: single serving
  • Champagne: five glasses per bottle
  • 750ml bottle of liquor: 12 drinks per bottle
  • 1.75L bottle of liquor: 30 drinks per bottle
  • Boxed wine: 20 glasses per box