Spirits are the heart and soul of your bar. Light or dark liquor, on the rocks or straight up, in a cocktail or in a shot, here's what you need to know.


Vodka is great for any basic cocktail. It is a neutral spirit with a light flavor that can easily be transformed. It's a great choice for people who are light drinkers or don't care for the taste of alcohol. Top it with sodas or juices for a fruity experience, or some vermouth and bitters for a robust martini.


A strong, dark liquor with a distinctive flavor, whiskey is made from a fermented grain mash with a combination of corn or rye grains for different flavors. From Bourbon and Rye to Scotch, the whiskey family has a lot to offer. Need recommendations? We have it all!


Gin is another great, clear spirit. Known for its signature juniper flavoring, gin is also made with a grain mash baseā€”and with the addition of botanicals, the flavor possibilities are endless! Gin makes for a terrific martini or flavorful, fruity cocktail.


The signature spirit of Mexico is made from the Agave plant. Tequila's flavor drastically changes as it ages. Want a margarita? get a nice Plata tequila. Something smooth to have on ice? Try a Reposado or Anejo.


A liquor with many uses. Distilled from sugar cane, Rum is one of the most versatile spirits. You can use white rum in a mojito or dark rum with a ginger beer. Rum is always a crowd pleaser.